Adelaide Family Photographer / THE SEATREE FAMILY

November 17, 2014

Another beautiful day in the Botanical Gardens in the city.


I snuck away from the Christmas Pageant to shoot these three dear folk.


The gardens were quiet, still, endlessly green and little J gave us some cracking grins!


It's such a privilidge to work with these families, have a glimpse of who they are as individuals and together. Break into their world and capture some of the love, and honest beauty that is both plain to see and hidden beneath like treasure.  


It's sacred stuff, and I can always sense a vulnerability when I photograph people, especially families. Because people feel vulnerable when they are exposed and when the reality of themselves and their family is before another. 


But it's that vulerability that can make for beautiful images and for truthful images.


And it is such an honour to be trusted with all that, and to capture this moment in time for them, this moment that will never be again. 


Thanks guys.





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